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The DPI has established e-mail discussion lists for Wisconsin educators and others interested in service-learning. We hope this listserv will serve as a forum for service-learning practitioners to share their successes and challenges, and provide support and advice to one another. We hope you will use this forum to ask questions, discuss strategies you have used, projects you are considering, obstacles you face, and ideas you have to improve teaching and build community through service-learning.

From time to time DPI will also use this list to share information on service-learning programs, resources, or notices of funding opportunities or award programs. The main purpose for the list, however, is to provide a forum for educators to learn about service-learning and help each other.

If you wish to subscribe to the DPI-Sl listserv, visit:, enter your email address and check the box for “dpi-sl - Discussion group for educators interested in service-learning in the academic setting”

Additionally, members of this list serve will receive monthly e-briefs with resources, project examples and more. For archived e-briefs, please see below.

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National K-12 Service-Learning listserv

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